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Hey Guys,

long time no see, if any of you don't remember who I am, I am Darryn I am the owner of Trovical with GoldenArmour, you might not have seen me around much in the past few months due to issues and personal stuff ( Rhys did the server to help out for a few months while i was away ), Rhys no longer works for me and ill be stepping back into Trovical to get it going again and make it a fun environment for everyone,

I have some plans for Trovical in the next few weeks, here is what is going to happen

Trovical will be removing most SUB servers that we have due to them being inactive and not many players playing on them, we have seen what servers players like and are going to keep those going

Servers that will not come back ( they might return at a later stage when the server grows again, but at this current stage they will be offline )

Survival - Will be removed
Kitpvp - Will be removed
Prison - Will be removed

Servers that Trovical are going to stay on...
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Ah, finally an update!

BIG SALE: to celebrate Christmas we are doing a 65% off sale on buycraft.

This update is going to include many things including our brand new server, Survival. Please read all the info about the changes below.

Survival Server Info:

We’ve added many things to this survival server not just a claiming plugin for land, we went further and wanted to add as much content as we could before launch. That content includes;

A dungeon mini-game where you run through fight mobs and collect prizes.
Quests to venture lonely or with your friends.
Jobs as a concurrent way to earn the moolah.
Custom enchantments, again but balanced.

Other notes:

You will be able to mine spawners so you can trade & make awesome EXP grinders.
The overworld world size is 30,000x30,000
The nether world size is 10,000 x 10,000
The end world size is 5,000 x 5,000
Although we would like it...​
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Hello guys, with some unfortunate news but also with some awesome news we have decided to close down the mini game servers because the reality of them being up is just costly. There's no point in having them running when there isn't a playerbase for them. So what's next? Are you guys just going to close down servers that aren't populated from here on out? No we are not we're doing the opposite.

With minigames going we'll have more budget to expand on our current gamemodes, factions, skyblock, prison & kitpvp possibly creative. Our next update coming to you guys will be out within this week and it's a kitpvp revamp. A lot of things are changing for kitpvp and they include, ranked/unranked duels, leaderboards, player statistics & much more.

Our next step after kitpvp will be fixing prison and possibly resetting it with new builds & custom enchantments for pickaxes however that's awhile away. If you have any suggestions for implementations to a new prison or to the current make...
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So here it is, an update; a long due update... We are sorry for not keeping in touch as of lately vacations have been had and it's time to push updates to the server. To start we need monthly announcements with updates and rewards for the community. How? well firstly we'll try push out a small update every month (not promised) but I want to introduce monthly top voter so not only is there a reason to vote there's double the reason to vote.

| Top Monthly Voters

1st Place - 2 Mythical Keys
2nd Place - 1 Mythical Key
3rd Place - 1 Ancient Key

When will Top Monthly Voters start? The beginning of next month. Winners will be announced at the end of each month so the next winners will be announced 30th of November.

KitPvp update - There's not much to say on this right now but you're all in a treat when you find out about our new update coming soon to the kitpvp server. An update will be out within a maximum of 2 weeks showcasing the updates coming.

Staff recruitment - As some of you...
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Hi Everyone,

As you are probably already aware, we have gone ahead and reset our Factions Server, commencing the start of Season 2 as promised!
We have worked our hardest to ensure that this season will be much better than Season 1, bringing forward many changes and major gameplay fixes which were not present previously. Some of the most noticeable changes are listed below:

- Flat Nether World, making base building possible and more friendly
- Implementation of Sell Wands
- All new "/Sell" command, making the selling of items faster
- New Spawn / Warzone
- Massive Economy revamp
- New Obsidian GenBuckets added
- Overworld World Border reduced to 10k x 10k so its easier to find them raids

As this Season is still in its early days, bugs are to be expected as always! Please ensure you report all bugs which you encounter onto the bug reports section of our forums. We shall be heavily monitoring these Bug Reports over the upcoming few days, making sure we stay on top of...​
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Hi Everyone,

Today we have some big news for the future of our Factions Server, the beginning of Season 2!. Whilst we are aware that many players dislike resets, we will try our hardest to ensure this goes as smooth as possible, bringing in as much new content as we can to make sure Season 2 is amazing!

The Official release date for the reset will be Friday 28th July (The time will be released closer to the date, it is still too early for us to give precise information as unexpected issues may arise along the way).

If there is anything in particular you would like to see in this upcoming season, please let us know on the forums! We are open to all ideas, and are still actively working on this reset, so it is not too late!
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Hi Everyone

This is just one of those things that you guys love reading everyone.

As many of you know there hasn't really been much of an update on Trovical since we have launched ( Month and a half ago ), reasoning for this is because we have been working on fixing a lot. This is a brand new network, it was bound to have bugs and not be “Perfect” at the start. However things are coming together nicely and will only become better in the future. So sit back and buckle up as i tell you what we are launching soon!


As many of you know we have a pretty popular skyblock server that many Trovical players love playing on. Well today I’m here to announce the launch of SKYBLOCK 2.0. First off i'd like to start with YES, we are going to be removing the old skyblock server.

OKAY, now let’s get ROOUIGHT into the news ;)

We have a skyblock server and want to add a lot more to the gamemode itself. So instead of adding all the new features to the current...​
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Hi Everyone,

This is just a quick update post to let everyone know whats going on currently with Trovical!

First of all, today we have made a big change to our Treasure Keys, and the way they work on Trovical. The biggest and most noticeable change you will find, is that Vote keys have been removed. We are working on alternative rewards for voting as I am typing this (More rewards will be given out for simply voting, there will be no need for keys).

In replacement for Voting keys, we have added a new type of key. Mythical Keys (Mythical keys can be purchased on our webstore Keys are now linked everywhere across the network, meaning we no longer have server-specific keys. If you purchase an Ancient Key or a Mythical Key, you will be able to use this key ANYWHERE on the Trovical servers (Skyblock, Factions, KitPvP, Prison).

Over the upcoming few weeks, you will be seeing many things change on Trovical. We are working our hardest to make sure...​
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Hi Guys,

Darryn here, I am just writing up a little update post for you all, this update post is just going to let you guys know what we have planned for the server and a update about bugs etc.

Before we start off, i'd like to thank you all for all the support you have shown us on Trovical so far. It has been an absolute honour running the server for you all so far and i can't wait to grow and add a lot more to the network.

Trovical has been up for nearly a month now and it's been one of the best servers to run, ( i have ran multiple before ) we have worked very closely with the community for the past few weeks to make sure that all bugs are fixed and nothing is game breaking. So far so ( good ), we are working on the server daily and making sure that everything is done correctly for you guys to have as much fun as possible.


Myself, @Alex and @rhys_hartman, will be creating Trovicals first prison server starting next...​
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Click to join ^^^

Joining our discord server will help us, help you. How? because we'll be dedicated on there to take in everything you say. We can also inform you if a change has happened to a server(s) or if we have restarted the network.

What is discord? Discord is a voice, text program that allows you to keep informed with what's happening on the server. You can join channels invite your friends to talk with you or even meet new people to play with!

Kind Regards,

Trovical Team <3​