by OhLingLing at 10:01 PM
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First of all, I'd like to welcome everyone to this new beginning, a new minecraft network community. We've been working hard to get this server out to all of you and finally today is the day :).

What to expect?

It's in our personal interest to patch any bugs, errors we discover. So you guys may find some bugs/error etc. We encourage you to report anything you find on the website to help us out a bit. We have not enabled voting just as of yet but it will be added on a later date.

We have launched with Skywars, murder, bed wars, factions & skyblock. Please keep in mind that we will be adding other mini games and game types. Our next project will most likely be a prison server. If you wanted to suggest a mini-game, game-type like factions/skyblock please leave a suggestion on the website :p.

Staff Applications?
We will be accepting staff shortly but not right now. You will be updated eventually when we decide to start taking staff...