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    Hello everyone! FrenchieFry120 AKA Justin123Xmen here with a special announcement.

    Its been a great pleasure being a staff on Trovical. Having the best times and the worst times was the greatest thing I can hope for when being a staff member. Trovical was my home for a good year and now of course, everything comes to an end. Sadly Trovical will be shutting down on December 15th, 2018. But on the other hand, it was a great pleasure being your Admin. I love everyone on this server and the amount of support I got was out standing. Being a staff member and helping everyone out teached me a lot.

    I do also have a server coming out my self. Msg me on discord Frenchie#1193 for more info. I hope everyone has a positive and wonderful future. This will be my last time posting on here. Of course I will check out the comments and positive support you guys always bring. Take care everyone and have a great life.

    -FrenchieFry120 AKA Justin123Xmen
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    I'll miss you Frenchmaster